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Tee residenssihakemus / Application for Residence periods

Apply for 2023 Mazzano Romano, Italia, residence periods for Estonian and in Estonia working artists, artesans, writers, poets, playwriters and translators 22.9.-20.10.2022.

Väinö Tanner Foundation is an independent private Finnish Foundation which has supported Finnish and Estonian art and literature by providing residences for Finnish and Estonian artists, artisans, writers, poets and translators for over 30 years in Mazzano Romano near Rome, Italy.

In 2023 the available periods in the old artist studio residence (1. studio) are July-December 2023 for 2 consecutive months (you can also apply for 1 month) and in the Writers´ house August-October 2023 for 1 month.

Applications only on this internet page.

Mazzanossa vierailleet taiteilijat ja kirjailijat / Artists and writers who have visited Mazzano



Mazzano Romanon ateljee- ja kirjailijakoti-hakujärjestelmä

Application system for Mazzano Romano residences